Katie’s Massage (Part 2)

Joel had placed Katie on the middle of the bed and positioned he so that her toes hung just over the end of the bed. This left plenty of room between Katie’s head and the head end of the bed. He then knelt beside her left side and pulled the towel down to expose her back as far as the upper third of her buttocks. Katie had turned her head to the right, away from Joel so that she was looking directly towards camera 1. I was a little worried she may see the camera but as it was slightly above her line of sight and well hidden in the shadows of the bookshelf it was pretty unlikely.

Joel began by squirting some massage oil over Katie’s exposed back and gently spreading it around. He then began what was obviously a professional standard massage. He began at her neck and slowly worked his way down her spine before concentrating on the shoulders and upper arms. He then took her arm, laid it in the cleft between his thighs, and continued to massage down her arms to her fingers. The whole time her hand rested no further up than the mid thigh. Next he moved to he other side repeating the process. Intermittently there was small talk but no lengthy conversations. Joel reiterated that the essences in this particular oil may make her skin very sensitive, and will only be used for the first part of the massage. Finishing with her left arm, Joel then sat on the towel astride her buttocks giving a firmer massage to the midline of her back, using his upper body weight for extra pressure. During this he asked if he was too heavy to which Katie replied, “No, it feels great.” Next he very lightly ran his fingers over all her exposed skin causing Katie to squirm and mutter “Now that feels good”.

“We’re just beginning,” replied Joel.

Joel then moved to the end of the bed but not before he folded the towel covering her buttocks and thighs in half from below. This seemed to be in preference to just lifting it up to cover her back again. The overall effect was to leave Katie more exposed but not excessively so. The next five minutes were spent on foot massage, something that Katie adores. Gradually things progressed up the calf then onto the thigh. Joel was running his thumbs up the middle of the back of the thighs, with the fingers wrapping round both the outside and inside of the thighs. Reaching the top of the thigh, and still being careful to avoid any overtly sexual contact, Joel took the towel, moving one edge into the cleft between the buttocks, thereby exposing the left buttock. Camera 2 showed that there was still no genital exposure, but as he massaged her, pushing her buttock muscles to the side, it was clear that glimpses of her labia were occurring. If Katie was finding any of this inappropriate she gave no sign. Before moving on to the other leg Joel again gave the light finger routine concentrating on the buttock and upper, inner thigh. Soft sighs and giggles said Katie was both enjoying this and feeling the effects of the champagne.

The second leg proceeded as for the first, only this time, as Joel moved up the thigh, rolling the muscles of the inner thigh outwards, Katie’s legs parted with the pressure, allowing greater access to the upper, inner thigh. As Joel’s hands reached the top of the leg Katie rotated her head to watch proceedings in the mirror. Subtly she lifted her pelvis as if to reposition from lying in the one spot all the time. When she rested back down, it was clear that her legs were now further apart, giving even greater access. With each pass of Joel’s hands up the thighs he moved closer and closer to her vulva.

“That’s very relaxing, Joel”, I heard her say, as the wave of skin moving in front of Joel’s hands brushed against the edge of the towel now barely covering her labia. Whether his hands actually applied any pressure to her vulva was not clear from my view, but it was clear that Katie was enjoying the sensuality of the massage. Somewhat surprisingly, as I thought he was on a winner tactic, Joel changed to the fingertip approach. Using both hands, he ran his fingers over the backs of the thigh, but one hand concentrated on the buttock, the fingers regularly slipping down the slope leading to the cleft between her cheeks. Almost imperceptibly as he did so Katie rotated her leg outwards, inviting deeper access. Again Joel resisted the temptation, either deliberately prolonging the tease or perhaps waiting for even more conformation that more intimate contact was allowed.

By this time my own cock was raging hard. I was rubbing it through my pants and could feel the cool wetness of a small amount of pre-cum leaking out onto the skin of my stomach. How much further was this going to go, I wondered. One thing was for certain; Joel was an expert at his trade.

Joel now replaced the towel so that it covered basically just the buttocks, then explained to Katie what to expect next. “We’re now going to expel the air from the lower portion of your lungs, that doesn’t normally get expelled. I want you to take a deep breath in, and when you feel the pressure, slowly breath out as completely as you can. We’ll repeat the process a few times.” With that he placed her legs together again, assumed a “push-up” position above Katie and slowly, but progressively, lowered himself down onto her so that his groin rested between the mid portions of her thighs. As he continued to lower himself his abdomen covered her buttocks and lower back and finally his chest engulfed her much more petite upper back. He lay there for a few seconds before reversing the process. After the second pass Katie looked restless. “Is everything Ok?” asked Joel. “It’s great,” replied Katie, “but the oil seems to have made my skin so sensitive that your top irritates it.”

“I’m sorry” said Joel, and immediately whipped of his top and continued the third press. Katie had not been watching him when he took of his top, but immediately opened her eyes when she felt the bare skin of Joel’s abdomen and chest press against her own naked flesh. “Are you comfortable with that?” enquired Joel, the double meaning making Katie’s “ah ha” reply as ambiguous as the question.

After one more body press Joel told Katie it was time to roll over, and that he would just be in the bathroom changing the oil while she got comfortable. Very “proper” I thought. Joel left and Katie rolled over repositioning the towel to cover her front. As she did so she ran a finger between her legs then lifted it to her face to inspect. She needn’t have done so as the trail of mucus was obvious. She wiped her hand on the towel, then pushed the towel between her legs to wipe away any more tell tale signs of her arousal. She was perhaps a little embarrassed that Joel would see her freely running cunt, particularly now that she was fully shaven. She positioned the towel to cover as much of her thighs as possible without exposing her breasts. The towel was obviously not long enough for both these purposes and as Joel walked back into the room Katie had the upper half of her breasts exposed, but at least the nipples covered, with the lower end of the towel little more than 6 inches below her crotch.

Joel moved to the head end of the bed, kneeling with legs either side of Katie’s head. She closed her eyes as he began gently massaging her face. Soon he swung around so that he was straddling her body and continued to massage her face and the back of her neck. “Do you usually have your chest massaged?” enquired Joel as he applied the fingertip approach to her face. “Sure,” came the reflex response, and before Katie could think about what she had just agreed to, Joel had moved the towel down to fully expose her breasts. Now Katie had had her breasts massaged before, but as far as I knew only by female masseuses. I’m sure she would have told me even if she’d been offered such a service from a male. As Joel reached for the oil Katie opened her eyes and looked up at the torso above her, quickly gaining her first good look at his semi-naked body. In what seemed to be a trend lately, Joel’s chest was completely smooth, and for that matter there didn’t seem to be any hair on his body at all. She glanced down and would have noticed his rippling six pack, Katie’s second most favourite part of a mans body to look at. Below that were only his low cut skin-tight licra shorts, containing a well-defined bulge. She closed her eyes again as Joel squirted some warm oil across both breasts and sat down straddling her groin. As his hands began so spread the oil over her right breast, any rigidity that had been lost from my cock was quickly regained as for the first time since I’d begun dating Katie another man was caressing her breasts. Initially Joel avoided the nipple concentrating on the fleshy part of her breast. Almost immediately Katie’s nipples stiffened, following which Joel included the areola in his ministrations, sliding the nipple between his fingers as his hands glided over her breast. Although there was no view of her crotch at this stage through camera 2, with Joel planted firmly on it, there was little doubt that things would likely be flowing pretty freely beneath the towel.

Joel now shifted to the left breast where the nipple was already well and truly erect. He traced circles of oil around the breast, this time running a trail directly across the nipple, causing an involuntary flinch from Katie. He again carefully kneaded the peripheral tissue before paying any attention to the nipple. When this breast had received the same attention the right had Joel placed one hand on each and continued his gentle but firm massaging. Now, Katie is quite naïve about these sorts of things, and can rarely tell when someone is flirting with her. She just thinks they’re being friendly and are very “tactile” people. Clearly she was enjoying her massage in a sensual fashion but I wondered whether she realised at this stage that things were preceding beyond the “strictly therapeutic” stage. Joel had now moved to the fingertip routine. Using a hand on each breast he was lightly running his fingers around the base of the breasts in constantly altering paths. The effect on Katie’s nipples was amazing; I’d never seen them so erect, they looked ready to explode! The motions then became more rhythmical. Joel placed his palms directly over her nipples, with his fingers spread widely. He then slowly lifted his hands so that his fingers contracted towards the nipple. On reaching the nipple his thumbs, index and middle fingers closed around the base of each and gently drew them out. When released, he repeated the process a few more times. Judging by how flushed Katie appeared she was either highly aroused or feeling the full effects of the champagne she had consumed. I suspect both. She really adores breast massage and can often orgasm with only a little pressure applied to her clitoris in conjunction with the proper administrations to her nipples. Right now she had a near naked hunky black man giving her breasts an awe inspiring massage whilst he had his bum and groin resting (and probably pressing) against her pelvis.

Before things got too out of hand, Joel repositioned himself to Katie’s left, facing her feet. Rather than covering her breasts he moved the towel down even further so that in now cut a straight line across her lower stomach, just below the bony peaks of her hips. I suspect, by the way he crept it down the last couple of inches, he was looking for the top of her pubic hair as a place to lower it to. Certainly if Katie hadn’t had her wax her pubic hair would be well and truly exposed. As he began spreading more oil and massaging her side muscles by running one hand over the other pulling the muscles in towards the middle followed by the reverse, pushing the muscles outward, starting at the top and moving down. As he did so Katie started some idle conversation.

“Your physique is amazing. What do you do to keep in shape?”

“Thanks, I have to work pretty hard at it. I do a lot of cycling and a lot of strength work in the gym. You obviously keep in shape yourself. I assure you it’s much more pleasant working on an attractive well maintained body than some of the ones I get.”

“I don’t suppose you get much choice, do you?”

“Actually I do in a way. I really only work with women. My style of massage, with the body press and body slides doesn’t really work with the guys, which suits me fine, I only work part time”

“Bodyslide? I think I know what you mean by the body press, but what’s the body slide?”

“It’s an extension of the body press. I only offer it to clients that I’ve seen a few times, once a level of confidence in each other has been established.”

“Gee, that’s disappointing. I’m not here very often, and I have to say this is the best massage I’ve had. It would be a shame to miss out on the full service.”

“Thankyou for the compliment. Look, we’ll see how we go. If you feel uncomfortable at any time though, you must say so. We normally start with a back slide, so we need to wait till we’re back on to your back. I assume you’ve not had one before.”

“No, I’m not sure what it is to be honest.”

“Ah, that’s the best way to experience it. It can be a bit confronting at first, but it really is the pinnacle of massage.”

While this conversation was progressing Joel’s hands had progressed to massage her lower abdomen. His hands were working down the sides, then sweeping into the middle, regularly sliding a few centimetres beneath the already low-slung towel. There were no complaints from Katie. If anything there was a slight tilting of her pelvis with each downward pass of his hands. His fingers would have surely reached her pubic bone and he would certainly be aware that there was not much pubic hair to be found.

Joel was obviously an expert at his craft of sensual massage. He had taken a previously shy, demure lady, who would not even go topless at the beach, let alone entertain the idea of a nudist beach, to the point where she was requesting a body slide massage. Even if she said she didn’t know what one was, I for one knew that she had a pretty good idea what was involved!

Repeating the process from the other side, it was now back to the feet. The towel had been placed further up Katie’s abdomen, the lower edge again about six inches below her crotch. The foot and lower leg massage was pretty standard. Slowly he moved beyond the knee and onto her right thigh, using long strokes from the knee to the top of the thigh. With each stroke the hands moved further to the in- and outsides of the thigh, the fingers again slipping up under the towel. Despite my camera, there was not enough light to see whether any contact was being made, the towel creating an annoying shadow over her crotch. If there was any contact, then it was only brief with each stroke, as Joel kept his hands moving rhythmically. The left leg was treated in the same way. In the process of doing this not only had Katie’s legs parted some more, but also the towel had moved higher up her legs allowing me to get a vague glimpse of her cunt. Although he was making no obvious attempts, I’m sure that Joel could see a lot more detail than I currently could.

“Time to turn over again. We’re going to work more deeply now but again if you become uncomfortable please let me know.”

“Sure,” replied Katie.

“Can I get you anything? Do you need a drink?”

“That would be great thanks. There’s a part empty bottle of champagne in the mini-bar, it would be criminal not to finish it. Pour yourself a glass if you like, the glasses are in the top drawer.”

“Thanks, but not while I’m working. I’ll get you one though. A bit of alcohol and massage tend to mix very well. I suppose it’s both the mental and physical relaxation it induces.”

As Joel turned to the mini-bar Katie turned herself over, covering her buttocks.

“Gee I hope you didn’t drink this all alone,” said Joel pouring one last glass from the bottle.

“No, my husband and I shared it over lunch, it’s our anniversary.”

In actual fact I’d barely had a glass, to ensure there was plenty for Katie.

“Congratulations, where is he now?”

“Unfortunately he has meetings, and wont be back for another couple of hours yet.”

“OK, lets concentrate on the areas that need extra work. You seemed most tense in your lower back and thighs. Would you like me to start there?”

“Sure”, said Katie, rapidly downing the glass and placing it on the bedside table. Katie wasn’t a big drinker and a couple of glasses of champagne goes straight to her head. The situation was that she had now consumed almost an entire bottle in little over one hour! Perhaps she was just building up some Dutch courage or perhaps she wanted an excuse for her actions. Whatever the answer, her flushed face and enthusiasm to continue indicated that things might get even hotter than they already were.

For variation, Joel straddled Katie’s upper back facing her feet. He commenced firm strokes along the muscles either side of her spine, fanning out as he reached the buttocks. With each stroke he would move further onto the flesh of her buttock, pausing every so often to position the towel a little further south. Before too long it was half way down with the top of her cleft well exposed. Still a legitimate massage I suppose, but the limits of that were about to be tested.

Moving to concentrate on her right cheek, her last remaining piece of covering became the lower quadrant of her left buttock. The edge of the towel now sat neatly in the crack between he cheeks, but because it had already been lowered so far it was probably at the level of her anus. My views were too limited but surely Joel was getting an eyeful of her neat little starfish. Perhaps a little surprised, Katie turned her head to check things in the mirror. Joel immediately started concentrating his attention on the rounded flesh beneath his hands, querying, “You OK?”

“Yeah, feels great”, was the muffled reply.

Joel’s hands kneaded her flesh, one hand on each side of her buttock, rotating, drawing together, and the whole time exposing more of what lay below her anus. His hands now swept down onto the back of her thigh the left hand working round the outer side of the thigh, the right following the crease between the buttock and thigh to the inside of the thigh. Katie gave a little flinch and a stifled gasp escaped her mouth as obviously contact had become more intimate. Teasingly, after this one intimate contact he moved back to the middle of the muscle and repeated the process. Anticipating further contact Katie let the pressure of the massage part her legs ever so slightly. Then it came again, only this time slightly slower, and more lingering.

Taking the right knee Joel drew it up so that both the hip and knee were flexed. Katie’s pose was now like one of those glamour shots, without being overtly pornographic, with the model strewn across the bed as if asleep. From camera one there was a full view of Katie’s hairless cunt. Quite “properly”, but completely unexpectedly, Joel moved the towel back into the midline and raised it to now recover her anus. Whether this was all part of the tease, to keep her guessing as to whether previous intimate contact was intended or not, or whether he was backing off to be sure that he wasn’t overstepping the mark, I wasn’t sure, but again it was clear that this guy knew the art of sensual massage.

With the leg at an angle of about 45 degrees Joel leaned over to reach the bottom of her hamstring. With his tight licra shorts on it was clear that Joel was also enjoying the session. A reasonable sized erection was stretching almost to the top of his shorts, and from her side-on view in the mirror Katie could hardly mistake what she was seeing. As Joel leaned forward he let his erection graze the small of her back, causing Katie to close her eyes and savour the sensation. Meanwhile Joel’s hands were continuing their progress along her hamstring. He paid particular attention to the insertion of the muscle into the pelvic bone. The next to receive attention was the quads muscle in the front of the thigh, again paying attention to the insertion point. His left hand remained gently caressing the hollow on the inside of the quads formed by her leg being at ninety degrees, while the right moved back down the leg, around the inside, and began massaging the other muscle group on the inside of the thigh. As Joel’s right hand approached the insertion of this muscle group, which was immediately adjacent to her pussy lips, his outer hand was forced against the mound of her cunt, covered only by the thin layer of towel. With each movement of his hand Katie let out a soft, barely audible moan, her left fist clenching and relaxing with each brush against her. Before she could go over the edge into an orgasm, Joel ran his hands along the length of the muscle one or two times then started again at the lower end, slowly progressing up. Obviously in anticipation of where this would end, Katie shifted slightly and at the same time clenched the edge of her towel in her left hand, so that when she settled it had shifted and now exposed most of her cunt and all of her anus. She may have thought it a subtle move but it was unlikely that Joel was going to interpret it as anything but an invitation for more intimacy.


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