Katie’s Massage (Part 5)

“Sorry,” said Katie, “I must have dosed of.”

“That’s fine. That’s what’s meant to happen at this point. I’ve started the bath running and added some bath salts, so once I’ve sponged you down I suggest you soak for a while. Normally I’d offer to get in with you to see the whole session through to the finish but unfortunately I have an appointment with a regular.”

“If you have to go that’s fine, I’ll be right from here.”

“Certainly not, I’ve still got a few minutes. This is one of my favourite bits of the massage. I like to see a client go from being tense and uncertain to completely relaxed, and showing that unmistakable glow that follows a good orgasm. To me it’s almost the most sensual part”

All the time Joel was sponging the oil from Katie, the mixture causing small droplets to form over her oily skin. Her nipples hardened again either due to the stimulation, or perhaps just the evaporation of the water. Approaching her pubic region he placed the sponge over his cock so that it pushed down between her cunt lips.

“We seem to have relaxed that a bit. Are you sure your regular wont mind?”

“I think she’ll still be satisfied,” replied Joel, as his cock hardened between her thighs.

“Gee, I suppose that’s a bit of an advantage in your line of work!” said Katie admiring his stiffening prick.

“And I last longer second time around. Now roll over before I cancel my next appointment.”

Finishing his mopping up, which included sponging his own cum from Katie’s lips, Joel climbed off Katie and began dressing.

“Well thankyou for such a pleasurable afternoon. If you’re ever back in town feel free to look me up.” Taking a business card from his pocket, he passed it to Katie.

“Joel and friends massage,” read Katie. “So there’s more like you are there?”

“Well sometimes we get together to provide a very special service. That’s a fair bit more “exotic” than the standard service. Aaah, but another day perhaps.”

Finishing dressing, Joel packed his things and left with a last goodbye. Shortly afterwards Katie rose from the bed and went to the bathroom for her bath.

The only thing left was for me to leave my “meeting”, and front up to my wife. But that’s another story.


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